Casa Artesanal

Learn a little more about us

With the objective of being one of the best craft producers APROCASAR was born in 2015 seeking to improve the level of living of its members through the production of handicrafts in clay, wood, metal and serigraphy.
TThanks to the support of MOJE Association we have strengthened our members’ skills, we have the machinery and infrastructure in our shops and we share the values of equity and justice.
We are from Ilobasco and we differentiate ourselves through the design, the quality of the ram material and the innovation in each piece. Our business practice is aligned with responsibility and fair price.

With the support of Amanecer Rural program of the Department of Agriculture and Cattle we have a better infrastructure, developed innovative products and marketing skills to generate employment for our members and be able to initiate the Fair Trade certification process.
We guarantee our quality work and good manufacturing practices. We put at your disposal our workshops in which you will be able to elaborate your product of exclusive design or together we can elaborate the best design that adapts to your necessities.

OUR Mision.

A new generation of artisans entrepreneurs, experts in the elaboration of innovative handicrafts of clay, wood, metal and serigraphy, promoting the socio-economic development of our members; as well as the construction of an environment that promotes and strengths teamwork and fair trade.

OUR Vision.

Being recognized nationally and internationally as a fair trade certified crafts production house, with its innovation and quality and as a strategic partner in the value chain of crafts production and thus ensure an environment of decent work and quality of life for our artisans.


The fair trade certification is one of the few successful initiatives in order to help producers’ development, guaranteeing that all acquired products have been elaborated under an equity environment, fair payment, where there is no chance of child exploitation and the production is friendly with the environment, among others.
This certification will help improve the quality life of our members and to influence positively in our community for it is a mid-term goal.

We seek to improve our processes and policies to fulfill the basic principles of fair trade:
● Creation of opportunities for disadvantaged producers.
● Transparency and democratic performance to benefit the basic needs of the production communities and their consumers.
● Fair and long-term business relationship.
● Fair prices to all producers.
● Fight against child labor exploitation
● Gender equity
● Dignified working conditions
● Strengthening capacities and assistance for disadvantaged producer groups.
● Information and awareness about Fair Trade
● Environmental care.